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yasonablack's Journal

26 April 1989
I'm a bisexual, spiritual Wiccan, who has OCD and RSD/CRPS.

I'm from New York but have never actually lived in NYC (BTW, trees and stars do exist there). I've always been interested in LGBTQ rights and have recently become interested in disability rights. I suppose a better way of saying this, is that I hate all kinds of discrimination, whether it be pertaining to race, sex/gender, religion, disability, or anything else.

LJ is my rant place. If you friend me, know that I rant a lot, and I have no intentions of letting up on my rants. The internet provides catharsis that I can't get in life, because I have to be that "good, non-ranty person in RL".

Also, if you want to friend me and I don't know you from either RL or another site or forum, please let me know why you want to friend me, and there will be a better chance of my friending you back. :)