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04 September 2013 @ 02:10 pm
*pokes head carefully back into LJ*

So I'm trying to come back around LJ but you may hate me because all I do is complain (or be excited about talking about Kelly and Sarah).

So I got the promotion at work. It's pretty sweet. I enjoy telling scammers 'no, there was no coupon on that, yes I checked'. However, trying to get people to take me seriously and do their jobs and what I tell them to do is actually a little more difficult. I check IDs on alcohol like 90% of the time (our rule is if they look under 45 to card them) especially as we had a sting operation that one of my coworkers failed and ended up being fired for giving 15 year olds cigarettes and one guy was so upset that I asked him to get his ID that he threw a fit, left an entire cart of groceries at my register and never came back. And then of course, all three managers who don't like me (sarah's mom, sarah's mom's best friend, and some other bitch) all yelled at me for carding him which was total bullshit.

And I'm fairly certain I've complained about the elevator situation at work before. In case I haven't, to get to the break room, I have to go upstairs which means I use this reeeeeallly slow lift called 'the wheelovater' to get me upstairs. It takes 2 to 3 minutes to go up one flight of stairs. Until I started working there, maintenance used it for storing their cart of cleaning supplies and bringing it up and downstairs. When I started working there they were told they couldn't keep the cart in there and they made sure that there was a cart upstairs and a cart downstairs.

The maintenance workers didn't like this, and I've had to talk to upper management about this because they kept leaving the cart in the elevator and I had to wait for maintenance to take it out or lower the lift back down to my level and I would lose about 10 minutes of my 15 minute break.

Well even though this one bitch threw a fit about it, asked why I couldn't eat downstairs alone we did better for a while. And we all even shared the elevator for a bit, maintenance would ask me when my breaks were and if I was going up to the break room and it worked even though it was super annoying for me. Although there would still be some issues whenever the bitch Charlene was on and I was told for a while that I needed to be patient because her husband had just died. So fine. I was patient then.

Flash forward to yesterday where I'm trying to go on a break during an absurdly busy day and being a service leader, I now know that someone is waiting for me to come back from my break so they can go on theirs. I head towards the elevator only to find that it's all the way upstairs (it should not be), so I wait the two to three minutes for the lift to come down, so I can get in the lift and spend three minutes going up, and by the time I get up a huge chunk of my break is gone and that's not even counting the time it takes to get back downstairs so I found Charlene cleaning one of the bathrooms up there and I say totally bitchily "hey charlene, you really need to send the elevator back downstairs."

And she says, "oh I'm training." Because that's totally an excuse.

So I say, "well I'm sorry I can't use the stairs."

And then I found out, she had the audacity to COMPLAIN ABOUT ME


And I'm just so sick of this. I'm so sick of fighting with maintenance over the elevator. I'm so tired of wheeling in some nasty elevator filled with cleaner smells and garbage spills because I'm trying to keep everyone happy. I've had it. I don't want to share the elevator anymore. Not for anyone. Because it's not working and I'm sick of it and I'm tired. I'm tired of always going outside for my breaks because I don't want to deal with this. I'm tired of not eating during my breaks because I can't prepare my food because someone's blocking the elevator.

And I'm tired of complaining about it and no one taking me seriously. And honestly, I'm about to go to upper management and tell them that I'm not going to work there anymore if they can't leave the elevator free for me.
06 May 2013 @ 08:58 pm
-My douchebag's neighbor's car caught on fire. LIKE FIVE FOOT FLAMES. There were fire trucks and everything. This happened a couple weeks after I heard him seriously discussing about how he went some place with the rational idea of killing someone.

-I got a nose ring today.

-I've keyed a car left in the access aisle of a disabled spot. And I also wrote "fuck you" on a motorcycle in an access aisle with a sharpie that Sarah lent me.

-I got new tires (red shwalbe marathon) and I got a squishy footplate (wheelcomfort) that makes my RSD feet very happy.

-I'm growing a strawberry plant and I named her Felicia. After Felicia Day.
06 May 2013 @ 06:47 pm
Hi LJ.

Wow, uhm apparently it's been awhile. Zeegeek keeps nudging me so I thought I'd stop in and say hello, and let you all know that I'm still alive.

I'm still alive.

Life has been interesting, good, and busy.

Since I've last seen you guys, I've gone to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with my mom and Sarah and we had an absolutely splendid time. We all went on the beach (my mom rented a sand wheelchair for me!), we went in a mirror maze, we went to Ripley's Aquarium, me and Sarah walked down to a super snazzy type of Ferris wheel (called the Sky Wheel) where we got in and ate cotton candy (an item on Sarah's bucket list), my dad actually drove four hours to see me on one of the days, and Sarah, myself, my dad, my baby brother, my dad's wife all hung out together for a bit and it was actually pretty nice and we went mini golfing. We also went swimming in a heated pool, a lazy river, and hung out in a jacuzzi.

Me and Sarah are just super duper good friends and I love being her friend and we have an awesome super duper time together when we hang out. Her mom's still afraid of queers blah blah. Sarah also has a nannying job set up that starts in June along with some other prospects.

Me, Sarah, and Kelly have all been hanging out a ton together. We've gone picnicking where I got to climb a horizontal tree and I was entrusted on doing the grilling (these two clearly have too much trust in me) and we had gluten free vegan food. And we also all went to laser tag the other day and it was AWESOME. And we had gluten free vegan gelatto and cotton candy.

All three of us are considering moving in with each other once my lease is up in November. We hang out ALL the time, get along super great, eat the same food, watch the same TV, and we're just the same types of people and I think it would be really good for us. Also, we're slowly starting a small and fun baking business to bring in some extra cash. We're quite good at making gluten-free vegan things like cupcakes and peanut butter cups and you can actually bake them at home (if your kitchen passes inspection) and then sell them at farmer's markets and online.

I've also been trained for my new position at work. I kind of like bossing people around but I swear, they come to me with the strangest complaints at the worst of times. With the promotion I got a raise. I still get patted on the head by customers but I was told that I can tell customers that I don't want them doing that.

In between all this awesome good stuff, there was some super shitty treatment by US Airways that sucked enough for me to write a letter to them. Basically they had staff that mocked me behind my back, refused to talk to me directly even when I said something about it, called me a wheelchair more times than I could count, wouldn't give us three exchanged boarding passes (we missed a flight due to delays) because my mom was traveling with a wheelchair and someone would be kind enough to give us their seat (and that was a slap in the face after some snotty couple wanted me out of their 'picked' seats even though I was just where the airline placed me, though they did shut up after I shouted 'I can't walk'. And then after that, they changed the boarding area to an inaccessible one, sent a shuttle for me, and while we were waiting the airline employee kept touching my back but when the bus came it didn't have a ramp, and then I just screamed, and the employee wouldn't let us just get new tickets for a new flight, and finally they got another bus that actually had a ramp to bring me up to the boarding area. And the hotel in Myrtle beach gave us an inaccessible room even though we specifically reserved an accessible room with a roll-in shower and said well it was called 'accessible' therefore it must be, even though the bathroom didn't even have grab bars.

Also, my legs are shit these days. Both of them. They don't work. They don't move right. Except for pain they don't even always feel everything. My memory is pretty fucked as of late as well. I lose everything, forget everything within seconds. I did start going to PT again and we're learning curb jumping, though while I'm decent with my therapist watching I'm still doing faceplants in public.

I'm also going through the process of applying for a service dog. I want to live in New York, but I need help in the winter. Tomorrow, I have a telephone interview with Canine Companions for Independence, and if I pass that, I'll only have an in-person interview before finding out if I'm approved for the program.

And so that's my life lately. I think. Hope you guys are doing alright. Leave me a note if there's something you want me to know or see. :)
So uhm me and Sarah are still getting along really well. Yay! She hasn't told me to back off and she's said that I worry too much (i.e. in regards to getting closer to her, flirting and sexual innuendo stuff). She apparently got and made me presents even though she was worried because I don't *technically* celebrate Christmas, but then I told her about the holiday party and she got really excited and wants to help with the baking and everything. And while we were at work one day she was telling me all about this really nice dress that she wants to wear to the party and she asked if it was okay.

So I told her, "you can wear whatever you want to my place."

And she said, "well that's probably a bad idea."

I asked why.

She said, "because I'll probably show up in lingerie or something."

And then she was like 'oh crap is Scott gonna be there' and I said yes and she said "Oh I don't want to do that for him".

I just really want to be around her. I don't care if she doesn't know her sexuality. I don't care if we got together officially that I would have to pretend to be single. I just want to hold her and hug her and be there for her. I want to give her jewelry and hold her close in front of fires or candles. I want to take her ice skating and make snow angels, I want to walk down broadway in winter clothes in the snow with her. I just want to be with her.

Part of me feels ridiculous and stupid and like I fell head over heels way too fast and the rest of me is like this is the most amazing feeling in the world even if it turns out to be nothing.
29 November 2012 @ 11:00 am
I know this is what all my posts are about lately, but I'm REALLY CONFUSED NOW.

I went to work to pick up my paycheck and get groceries, and I saw Sarah there (shopping and fighting about something with her mom) and on her way out, she gave me a white rose. She said it's because she forgot the rose I gave her when we went to see Wicked. And she definitely forgot, she left a message on my phone as I was driving home that she was upset that she forgot it in the car.

So uhm, really confused.
http://lindseyelarson.tumblr.com/ Lindsey is making an RSD Diaries vid and I agreed (and want) to be a part of it. Since I lost my voice yesterday, I thought I could use this time wisely and ask you guys, what you would want to know about my disability and life.

This is a FREE FOR ALL.

I will not be snarky, pissy, bitchy, or any of the above. I want to use this to EDUCATE but not INTIMIDATE.

Whatever you want to ask, you ask. I will be an open book in this case. No question is off-limits. I’m willing to do TMI.
19 June 2012 @ 10:31 am
Crip Jobs
Excerpt: The only thing I fear about this job is that they might spoil me. I might start expecting to be treated ‘normally’. I might keep expecting to have rightful access to the world.

My Body. My Choice.
Excerpt: I use a wheelchair. I don’t walk. I read about RSD/CRPS on the internet. I consider myself disabled. And you know what, I like it. I’m more comfortable in my body now than I have been in my entire life. I sit instead of stand. Roll instead of walk. I had independence taken from me by doctors who thought they were helping. I took it back.

I’m done with being shamed for my body. It is mine and if there is anything in the world that I’m allowed to be possessive about it is my body.
20 May 2012 @ 06:51 pm
Does anyone need canes? I don't think I'll be using them anymore and instead of having them sit around and collect dust I thought perhaps if someone needed a new cane or wanted something a bit fancier than their old cane, then maybe they could have it. Free. I'll pay postage as well. But I'm only giving it to someone who physically needs it, not for a prop/costume/swag/whatever (of course if you want to use it as a prop/costume/swag/whatever along with your disability, that's totally fine and rock it.)

The first cane is a carbon fiber derby cane. It's pretty much the Dr. House black flame cane replica (Black with yellow and orange flames coming up from the bottom). 34 and 1/2 inches (lowest part of the handle to end) to 36 inches (highest part of the handle to end). It's a bit beat up but quite durable and EXTREMELY light (the wind will blow it away light). Tip is a bit worn, okay for use on non-slippery floors, but should probably replace the tip.

The second cane is a clear lucite cane with a right hand ergonomic grip. It is a little bit heavier than most canes but provides good stability. It's 35 inches in length and the tip is a bit worn and could do with replacing. This cane can also be cut down for a smaller size. (I cut it down from it's original size with a saw, so it's pretty simple).


If you're interested: Please PM me or leave a comment with an email address that I can reply to.
If you receive one of the canes and it DOESN'T FIT FOR YOU: I ask that you do that whole pay it forward thing. Give it to someone else who needs it. Please don't charge them other than shipping.
I will pay shipping and I will try to ship anywhere, please just know that depending on how far away from the U.S. you are, the longer it will take.
If you don't want to/can't leave your email address in this post, just email me at sasha(dot)smithy(at)yahoo(dot)com